Message from the Acting Chair

"The Department of Surgery at Michigan State University is dedicated to excellence in patient care, teaching, and academic inquiry. Our faculty are highly skilled, practicing surgeons with expertise in their respective specialty, demonstrating clinical outcomes of the highest quality."

Message from the Associate Chair & Residency Program Associate Director

"Welcome to the Michigan State University Integrated Residency Program in General Surgery. The residency program originated in 1988 and is currently a part of MSU's College of Human Medicine (CHM), Graduate Medical Education program."

Message from the Residency Program Director

"Residents are vital to the educational mission of CHM and are appointed as clinical instructors with responsibility to teach medical students, non-surgical residents and other professionals in training. Their educational experience requires they read and develop the skills necessary to transfer their knowledge and expertise from bench to bedside."

Message from the Statewide Clerkship Director


"Clerkship is meant to enable students to learn how to manage critically ill patients, emphasizing the pathophysiology and management principles commonly encountered in the care of surgical patients. These experiences will prepare students for common clinical problems encountered during their first year of residency."